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New Trains on Merseyrail

The new trains (class 777) are now running the full Kirby line timetable. Test running is proceding on the Ormskirk line. Work will start soon on lengthening platforms 2 and 3 at Southport station to allow twin units (8 cars) to be accommodated. The ticket barriers have already been remodelled to provide space for the longer platform lengths.


A description of the improved features of the new trains is given in our 2021 newsletter. Other information on the trains is given in the spring 2022 newsletter. A passenger experience account of travelling on the Kirby line is given in the spring 2023 newsletter (which is not yet available on the website). For all except the latest newsletter, see Newsletters page.


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An excellent technical presentation by David Powell, Programme Director Rolling Stock of Merseytravel, given on 31st Oct 2020, can be found at:


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You can now send your transport concerns or comments to the WTUA committee by email using address 


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