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What we do

The Wirral Transport Users Association exists to promote modern public transport systems for the Wirral, Merseyside and West Cheshire area. The WTUA has a watching brief over the Rail, Bus and Ferry operations in the Wirral and its transport connections to the rest of the country. It acts as a pressure group and represents the transport interests of the travelling public in the local area- it has representation on the Merseyside Integrated Transport Forum and is affiliated with Railfuture, Passenger Focus, Travelwatch North West, Bus Users UK and the Campaign for Better Transport.

We keep our members up to date on public transport developments with our newsletter published once or twice a year. The annual AGM includes a briefing on the significant developments of the past year and proposed future developments and also has a talk from a representative from the transport industry. We run coach excursions to places of transport interest once or twice a year.

We support campaigns for:

  • A half hourly service on the Wrexham Central – Bidston railway line and also the electrification of the line.
  • New railway stations at Ledsham, Town Meadow, Beechwood Estate, Woodchurch Road (bridge), Little Neston/Ness Gardens, Deeside Industrial Estate.
  • More bus/rail and car/rail interchanges.

For photos and movies of our past trips and a summary of our AGMs, see Past Trips and Events. For details of our next AGM and planned trips, see Future Events. Any outstanding developments in public transport in our area will be notified in the News page. Our newsletters are accessible from the Newsletters page. A list of other Transport User groups is given on the Local Transport Groups page. A short history of the railways in Cheshire is given in History of Rlwys in Cheshire. A statement of the Association’s aims as formalised in its Constitution is given in Our Aims.

JOIN US TODAY! - The more members we have, the more pressure we can exert on the transport providers. To join, see the Applic Form page. Members receive notification of trips, the AGM agenda and the Newsletter. They also have priority over non-members for places on trips, (if they reply within a few days of notification). Should you join the Association, your involvement can be as much or little as you wish. If you have any skills related to committee work or public transport and want to get involved, you would be more than welcome to join our committee (which meets once a month).



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